Brandon Lucas

Why hello there, welcome to my portfolio! My name is Brandon Lucas and I'm a senior at the University of Mount Union (go Purple Raiders) where I'm a public relations major and business administration and entrepreneurship minors. Before diving into my portfolio, check out my story as an undergrad at Mount Union!

The Early Years

Since attending Mount Union, I have been incredibly fortunate to have an array of experiences in the public relations field. One of the first organizations I joined was Mount Union's online newspaper, The Dynamo. Being surrounded by those with similar passion and interests to mine provided the opportunity for me to develop mentors to push me and guide me on the path of writing. Along with the newspaper, I was extended a bid to join the brothers of the Epsilon chapter of Phi Kappa Tau where I took on the role as campus outreach chair. Working to increase our chapter's social media presence, I posted tweets from our Hootsuite account and even developed a new Instagram account for people to follow and see what our chapter has been up too. This lead to our chapter receiving the Crawford award naming us the most outstanding chapter in website and social media presences. (Way to go us!)

A Pivoting Point

After a few experiences on my belt, I was given the opportunity to work at the University of Mount Union's Office of Marketing as a student assistant. This was the summer prior to my sophomore so I was a little nervous about the experience, but being able to work there gave me an extraordinary experience where I was able to make genuine connections on campus with students and faculty while still continually making an impact for the University. One connection I made was with a student who is related to Charlie Sifford, the first African American to play on the PGA Tour. The student spoke highly of his grandfather and the story caught interest with the local city newspaper, The Alliance Review, who published the article on the front page of an issue. That is one of my proudest moments in my undergraduate career. Through this experience, I was elected Phi Kappa Tau's vice president of alumni relations (vpar) where I was in charge of engaging with our alumni. I had the privilege to talk to many esteem alumni from Mount Union's campus (many whom have campus buildings named after them) about our chapter's activities and events. This was all done through a three yearly newsletters that reached approximately 400 alumni email addresses. Many alum would respond and describe their respect for the chapter and where we stand now and being able to convey that message was an incredible part of the job.

Full Circle

Entering my final semesters in college (a scary, but freeing thought for many college students) I had the opportunity to create an impact for the city of Cleveland. The Land, the 2-1-6, CLE, however you say it we all love Cleveland and I had the chance to work for the organization that put our city back on the map; Destination Cleveland. Serving as the pr/communications intern, I worked with the marketing team to develop research based articles for residents to participate in. Many were holiday themed to have residents be tourists in their own city so they can spread the word to others about visiting! This internship was out of my element compared to my previous internships which were more higher education focused. But being forced out of my comfort zone (and with some help from my supervisor) allowed me to adapt to Destination Cleveland's specific voice and writing style, a trait I continually try to practice to this day.

What You've Been Waiting For

After joining me on my undergraduate story, you will see my best writing samples throughout my career as a public relations student. This will include press releases, stories and blogs from both my internships and campus involvements. Please feel free to explore the stories below from my work at Destination Cleveland, Mount Union's Office of Marketing, Phi Kappa Tau and The Dynamo and read the writing samples provided. If you wish to read more, please contact me at and I will happily email you more samples. Thank you and happy reading!

Then and Now: First Energy Stadium

There’s no greater fan base than in Cleveland, especially when it comes to our Browns. Every home game draws thousands of rabid fans dressed from head-to-toe in orange and brown as they make their way to the Dog Pound to scream and cheer on their beloved Brownies. There's something about a football stadium that feels like home. Clevelanders have called two stadiums home: the Cleveland Municipal Stadium, and now, First Energy Stadium on the same site. And both stadiums have witnessed many firsts

Make a Splash on a Rainy Day in The CLE

CLEVELAND (July 27, 2017) - Summer days in the CLE present residents with countless outdoor activities; but when the weather isn't in Cleveland's favor, residents won't let a little rain damper their summer plans for adventure. Whether it's finding ways to forget about the rain or discovering a quiet place to watch the storm, Destination Cleveland recommends residents take the opportunity to explore more of the area. For more rainy day ideas or to learn more about Destination Cleveland or new a

Celebrate the Fourth of July the Cleveland Way

CLEVELAND (June 26, 2017) - The unofficial mid-point of summer - the Fourth of July - is just around the corner. In addition to fireworks, picnics and parades, the holiday weekend offers plenty of opportunity for Clevelanders to show off their hometown to visitors. From cheering on the Indians to watching a live performance of Shakespeare's work to dancing the night away on the Goodtime III, Destination Cleveland suggests residents get out and explore this Fourth of July with their visitors. Fo

Student Recalls Life Lessons from Grandfather Charlie Sifford

ALLIANCE, OH – Christian Sifford, a junior criminal justice major of Brecksville, Ohio, recently discussed his late grandfather, Charlie Sifford, the man who broke the color barrier within the PGA. In 1961, Charlie Sifford became the first African-American to play professional golf. With his signature cigar in hand, Charlie had to face tough times and it was only him on the green with no team to support him. It was his thick skin and strong will that helped him overcome his challenges. By the e

What’s What? Get the Inside Scope on Different UMU Organizations!

College is a time to diversify yourself. You have four years to try and learn and experience new activities. Whether it’s in your field, or not, attending a liberal arts university, and having over 80 plus organizations to join, allows you to expand your horizons and become a well-rounded individual. But with so many different organizations, what makes them all special and unique? I’m going to help you understand some of the different organizations on Mount Union’s campus! Starting off strong,

A Day at Camp: Phi Kappa Tau Raised $4,000 at SeriousFun-a-Thon

Starting at 1:30 p.m., the event was kicked off by Philanthropy Chair Spencer Whyte talking about how SeriousFun works with children and families who have terminal illness and a provides a place for them to be a kid. He was soon followed up by Chaplain Brandon Lucas who gave a testimonial about his volunteer experience at Flying Horse Farms, one of the SeriousFun Camps. Lucas described the magic at camp and Flying Horse Farms’ “10 Things That Guide Us and Hold Us Together” which highlight some o

Remembering a Raider; APO Lights up the Lakes

Light up the Lakes is a Mount Union and Alliance community event where participants come together to light a candle on the campus lakes to honor those who’ve they lost. It started in 2013 by APO brothers and continues to this day as one of the biggest events on campus. All candles cost $1 and all donations went to the Alliance Food Pantry. The past two years, brothers of APO began to Light up the Lakes to honor late brother Matt Popovich, who passed away in 2015. Throughout the event, nearly 20